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Structural insulated panel homes are tremendously energy efficient. You can cut the cost of your utilities bills by building a panel home. Structural insulated panel homes are built with solid EPS foam insulation which greatly reduces the amount of outside air penetrating your home. Structural Insulated Panel The Panel Factory manufactures 4' x 8' and 4' x 16' structural insulated panels and distributes 8' x 24' structural insulated panels each with varying foam thickness.

We can provide both blank sip panels and processed sip panels. Blank SIP panels include electrical chases, but they are not cut to size and do not include lumber splines. Processed sips include cutouts for outlets, switches, windows, door, etc. The processed panel has in place the lumber or splines needed to join the panels together.

Home Packages Our home packages or house kits are ready-to-build floor plans which include the processed structural insulated panels for the exterior SIP walls and SIP roof. The exterior walls and roof are typically made with 4. However, any width EPS foam can be used to build these energy efficient homes. The home packages comes ready to be assembled on the job site. After the foundation is poured, it's just a matter of days before your house is "in the dry.

Outbuildings Structural insulated panels are great for outbuildings which include garages, outside storage structures, cold storage buildings, etc.

These super-insulated buildings consist of SIP exterior walls and roofs and, in some cases, floors. These structures can be any size you specify. The smaller structures can be assembled quite easily without the help of an outside contractor.If you love the beauty of a log home but want the superior energy efficiency of a structural insulated panel home, then our home kit is definitely the right choice for you.

Our unique panelized home system can be finished anyway you like, including the beautiful look of a log home. We also do additions and commercial buildings. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Southern Collection Number of Styles : Read more. Cape Cods Number of Styles : 6. Colonials Number of Styles : Colonial Model: CL 28x Town Houses Number of Styles : 4. Ranches Number of Styles : Ranch Model: RA 24x Garages Number of Styles : Panelized homes are stronger, easier to build and are more energy efficient.

sip home packages

Our structural insulated panel kits are superior to modular homes, manufactured homes, or double wide mobile homes and can be finished to look like log cabins and are much easier to build than log home kits or log cabin kits. We can also do most commercial prefabricated buildings.

How Much Will My SIP Building Kit Cost ?

Our prefabricated buildings are strong, simple to build, energy efficient and are top quality. Imagine assembling your new home building kit in about 3 to 4 days.

EPS Buildings: How a house is built using structural insulated panels

Cost Comparison of a stick build vs. We understand the importance of referral business, so we strive hard to satisfy all of our customers. Their last names have been abbreviated for confidentiality purposes.Fast assembly, affordability, and energy efficiency make kit homes a desirable option for homeowners. Modern attributes do not have to be absent Discover the most recent extraordinary homes designs and ideas especially some topics related to Prefab Building Kits only in Juara Homes Designs and Ideas Gallery The McMansion is as dead for many Americans as the fax machine.

Zoning laws should be rewritten to account for that new reality. Which brings us to Chris Jaussi, who is attuned to the spirit of the times A Sanpete County business owner is thinking big by going small. After discussing the recent success of companies Zip Kit builds modular homes A new business is set to expand in the Pocatello, Idaho community that could see the addition of up to 40 employees. In the past, talk of a kit-built house would sometimes conjure images of a tumble-down, rustic timber cabin.

However, today you can create an ultra-modern Pleasant, UT that focuses on efficient, small and sustainable prefabricated homes Pleasant, Utah and features several prefab plans including two that could be perfect, streamlined We focus on smaller, efficiently designed homes over I've built a lot of homes the old fashioned way - out in the weather, one piece at a time - and the Zip Kit Way - prefab modules.

The materials used are exactly the same but the way they build is more advanced. In my opinion the quality of construciton is higher then normal built homes. The subs love working on Zip Kit Homes because everything is straight and square.

It makes everyone's job much easier! The Zip Kit modular system is great - especially in the winter! It's faster, more accurate and you get fewer weather related quality issues. We love our Zip Kit home! We looked all over for a high quality home that fit our budget and were lucky enough to find this home.

The quality and finishes are better then most new custom homes. It is also so energy efficient! I love the design and low monthly heating cost. I want to let you know how appreciative I have been of you and your team in building, delivering and placing my Zipkit home.

It is rare to meet people and a company that are worthy of complete trust. You guys really came through and went well beyond my expectations and provided an amazing value.

First in carefully getting the home into a very challenging location and then taking care of all the details big and small. It really came together right as I would have hoped and in-spite of a site with unique challenges. It is very exciting to instantly have a comfortable place to gather my family together on a remote site.

sip home packages

Thanks and please send any perspective customers my way and I can assure them you are a great choice as a builder.

We found the perfect solution in Zip Kit Homes. I think the quality of our new home exceeds most custom homes.

sip home packages

We were amazed at how fast and professional the Zip Kit team was. They did exactly what they promised.To meet this demand, we developed our panelized wall and pre-cut roof system that allows homeowners and builders in the Northeastern region of the U.

Our panelized wall system works well as a stand-alone structure or can offer an alternative to traditional SIPS and be incorporated with our timber frames. By using our systems-built products, we can pre-assemble wall panels in a controlled environment to provide you with a weather tight shell package for your new home. We design each home in our 3D CAD program that allows us to plan out all aspects of the structure before arriving on your site. By using our computerized drafting and manufacturing equipment, we can guarantee quality and accurate assemblies the first time.

We complete all the time consuming and error-prone tasks in the much more cost-effective digital space.

Our Component Package

This approach identifies and resolves any potential problem areas or unforeseen design situations ultimately saving time, money, and frustration in the field.

Discover the difference. This is for the safety of our staff as well as for the safety of our customers. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Us Today. Start Designing Your Home Today!

A Message from Davis Frame:. We wish you all well and stay safe!The interior just depends upon your taste. Further customize by adding dormers, front entriesadditions, greenhouses and great-rooms.

Floor plans are infinitely variable because interior walls are not necessary. Whether you are planning to build a Barn Style Home, a Mountain Top Retreat or a New England Farmhouse, the exteriors can be finished to compliment your style and blend with your surroundings. Tour finished structures and get design ideas. From learning about fresh air ventilation to how comfortable they are to live in, this video is our best tool for explaining the features and advantages of our homes.

From Country to Contemporary, our homes lend themselves to a broad range of decorating themes. Open Concept designs are a natural in our Timber Frame Homes.

Our Homes are Simple to Assemble!

‚ÄčThe Future of Building: Systems-Built Homes in New England by Davis Frame Co.

Since designing our first home more than 30 years ago, we've focused on taking the Mystery, High Cost and Difficulty out of building an Energy Efficient Home.

Being systems oriented, we've developed extremely efficient production capabilities and procedures. And when you consider the "Energy Savings" by utilizing panels, we doubt you'll find a better value anywhere. What About Wiring?

They're Green! Building Manual. Other Construction Options. A Brief History of Timber Framing.A high performance, green, custom home involves many different systems and components that must work together in order for the final result to be a success. W Edwards Deming, father of Total Quality Management TQMpopularized the notion that success or failure of a project or process is largely determined by decisions made in the first fifteen percent of that project.

These initial conditions will define the project, and if they are structured correctly, the entire process will run more smoothly and the end result will be a higher quality product. At Sunlight Homes, we have created a systems-based approach, refined over many years, that is structured to carefully address this first fifteen percent in order to ensure the most consistent and predictable end result. The underpinnings of our systems-based approach is our Component Package.

Our Component Package is a kit of materials, services, and systems that address the most critical aspects of a custom home. In a nutshell, our Component Package includes our comprehensive design services plus the custom fabricated, insulated, exterior shell of the home.

The design and the shell of a home are its most fundamental and critical components. These elements will determine if a home is comfortable, attractive, energy efficient and durable. Our Component Package includes the very best in residential design, structural engineering, and energy analysis practices, tailored for the very best building materials available.

We specialize in designing for the components we supply in our package and have developed optimized systems and methods for many different situations. This combination of services and materials enable us to ensure the most consistent, and highest quality final product. To read more about why we have chosen the materials we supply, please see the Construction section of our website.

To learn more about our design process and philosophy please see the Design section. For more about the cost of building a Sunlight Home, please visit our Pricing section. All Sunlight homes can be upgraded to meet your specific design and budget requirements. After all, they are custom homes! Here are some of the available upgrade options:. In many ways, the SIP system is more simple to build than a frame home.

There are many fewer parts since the walls are custom fabricated in a high tech, computerized indoor facility and are square and level from the start! After our design work is complete, we stay involved and are available to consult with your builder throughout the building process. We are always here to answer questions and help resolve any issues that arise during construction.

You are building a Sunlight home, after all! Project description. Our Component Package. Our Component Package Includes: Every Sunlight Home kit includes the following items: Complete custom design services including engineered structural drawings stamped by a licensed structural engineer. Complete energy calculations and HVAC sizing information Access to our design and construction worksheets and documents.

All site work including building permit, site engineering, site utilities, site prep and excavation Forklift to unload panels from delivery truck and crane to set roof panels Job site builders risk insurance Engineering documents for grading, plumbing, site drainage and energy calculations if required Foundation and concrete work All framing lumber, interior and exterior Framing hardware, nails, shims, adhesives, bolts, joist hangers, metal connectors, fittings, etc.

Building a Sunlight Home.You are thinking about building your next project with Structural Insulated Panels and would like to know how to budget the cost of your project. The cost of your building kit will depend on a number of factors including the performance level of the building kit required for your project. Innova offers building kits with wind rating levels of mph, mph and Dade County mph high wind impact rating approved for the coastal zones of Florida.

Earthquake design can also be added to most any building kit design requirement as an added service. Designs with higher wind ratings and seismic requirements will have more anchors, tie-down strapping for uplift and additional ties for lateral movement. The amount of anchors and ties can affect the cost of the building kit. The height of walls, configuration, slope and length of roof panels can all have an effect on the square foot cost of your building kit.

One of the main benefits of SIP construction is that many of the traditional construction steps have been greatly reduced or even eliminated. SIP construction allows for open ceilings as engineered roof trusses are not required for most projects. Think of the time savings in eliminating the furring, inspections, and the process of hanging drywall, all stream lined into a time saving activity of installing the Innova SIP panel. For determining the exact cost of SIPs for your project, a complete set of plans and engineering is required.

Should you require a detailed estimate of your project, Innova will require a complete set of Architectural Drawings. We provide the first project estimate at no charge. Innova will assist your Architect and Design team by providing SIP details and specifications to be included in the permit set of drawings.

Design and engineering of your SIP Building kit can proceed with a deposit payment which is credited against the cost of your building kit. The many benefits of utilizing interior SIP partitions include the following:. The height of the interior walls most SIP homes have vaulted ceiling and we manufacture the panels to underside of the roof panel.

This is the same as with traditional metal stud and drywall partitions. Homes with larger room sizes will have a lower cost per sf than smaller homes with smaller room sizes, as there are more partition per square foot of floor area in smaller homes than in a larger home.

The Innova interior MGO SIP partitions include electrical wire chases as required by the design, floor and top plates and door bucks for all interior openings. Innova provides all required fasteners and sealants required for the installation.

All panels are precut and numbered for easy installation.

Residential Floor Plans

Numbered installation drawings are provided for each wall elevation. Interior MGO SIP partitions can be tapped and finished like drywall using standard joint compound or an elastomeric butter grade material which is available from Innova for an additional cost.

Please see our video on finishing MGO partition walls.